Creativity and reconstruction

Centre for Critical Heritage Studies / Curating the City - Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg

Wednesday Oct 4th, 2017 kl 15.15-17

Today cities in many parts of the world operate on economic and socio-cultural ecologies that are radically different from the urban models of the twentieth century. This awareness creates new demands for knowledge and cooperation between urban researchers, academics, practitioners and civil society in order to respond to emergent challenges of urbanization today and in the future. In order to shed light to some of the emerging concerns regarding continuity and change in heritage preservation and urban development societies are facing today, in this lecture we will turn to craftsmen and craft organizations that have historically been at the center of urban developments before the advent of modern urban planning. By looking at how to read the city and its socio-spatial development through the perspective of the craftsmen and their organizations, this lecture aims to contribute to the debate on what kind of urbanity we are reconstructing and hopefully shed light on the alternative views of creativity in city-building.

followed by conversations with Maddie Leach, Valand Academy, and Gabi Dolff Bonekämper, TU Berlin